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Company flowers?

Fresh flowers for your board room or reception desk?

Bloemenweelde delivers to more than 250 companies in and around Amsterdam. For many of our customers we deliver their weekly fresh flowers for the board room, reception desk, etc. These can be bouquets or flower displays.

Research shows that flowers and plants in the office can attribute to  the well being of the employees. 

Competitive prices

We provide the most beautiful flowers at competitive prices. We create the kind of bouquets or displays that compliment the area they are displayed in. Our flowers will benefit the atmosphere of your company. 


Our bouquets will be provided in our vases every week, matching the flowers we deliver. No searching for vases on monday morning! 

Removal old flowers

You don't have to remove your old flowers and/or clean the vases. We take the old bouquets with us and replace them with fresh ones. 


The weekly flowers will be invoiced every month. Other flowers that you order for your company will be invoiced every two weeks. Do you need seperate invoices? No problem! Invoices should be payed within two weeks after billing date. 

Requesting an estimate

Please contact us  for an estimate for your company, we are happy to inform you. An estimate, of course, is without any costs or obligations. 

Notice period

As we are sure about our service and quality, we dare working without contracts. U can cancel or postpone your flower service every week. Just send us an e-mail 5 working days  in advance, that's all. 

Office plants

More info about office plants can be found on our page about office plants!






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